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Essapura was founded on a passion from childhood when my grandmother took me to pick herbs and mushrooms. This developed into a desire of sharing the goodness of nature and natural products with everyone so they can enjoy beautiful and soft skin without chemical preservatives and strong fragrances. Our aim is to provide is to provide luxury pampering experience through holistic natural handmade products. Our approach is to create a daily experience that supports healthy and relaxed skin.

After lengthy research and literature review, I started making soaps at home using natural ingredients and essential oils. I use shea butter and oils to make the skin soft and gorgeous. My vision for my company includes introducing new homemade products like creams, bath salts, bath bombs, light fragrances and bath accessories and taking natural ingredients to the new heights of success and fame.

About The Owner

Hi, I'm Lucia!

I'm a firm believer that when it comes to your skin and body, natural is best. There's literally nothing more satisfying than feeding your skin, body and senses a love potion made purely with natural ingredients and dreamy essential oils.

While ‘wholesome’ has always been my vibe, I had tried various store-bought bath and beauty products in the past. Finding they were loaded with toxic junk that threw my skin way off-balance, I started looking into creating my own pure, natural alternatives. Essapura was established so I could nourish my skin with nature's goodness - and eventually share that goodness with others.

My company is small in scale, but my products are big on benefits. I pour my love of natural ingredients into every handmade bar soap, shampoo bar, face cream and body lotion. They're enriched with luscious essential oils to elevate your daily cleansing and moisturising from routine to real self-care. Chemical free and SLS free, they're blended with the aim of restoring your skin's natural beauty and helping you get your glow on.

With Essapura, I celebrate natural ingredients and their health benefits for the skin and soul. Shop my product range to discover just how good Mother Nature can be to you!

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