Privacy Policy

Essapura vows to protect your privacy. This Privacy Policy refers to the website of Essapura, which regulates the collection and use of data on our site and services. Essapura is a website for the general public, targeted for users of all ages.

This privacy policy governs the collection usage and storage of your personal information.

Collection and use of personal information 

When checking out through our online shopping cart, we will ask you for the details we need to approve your order or email you with any concerns we have about your order. If you want to create an account, our systems will only maintain your shipping and billing details by using cookies to make it available when you return to the shop. We don't store credit card details in our system.

We gather information that identifies your activities but doesn't identify you directly. The details we obtain can include items you buy, content you access, the duration, date, and time you accessed the material, and location data based on your IP address. This knowledge is used on our web site to improve your experience. Essapura does not sell, rent, or lease its client lists to third parties. If you want to opt-out of being a part of this data set, you can email us on the address provided.

What information is gathered

Any information that connects you to us can be gathered and stored in our database including your name, address Date of birth, contact number, email address, IP address, geolocation of your device, make and model of your device.

Security of your personal information 

Essapura is committed to ensuring the safety of your information your personal information is safe. We use a range of security tools and procedures to help avoid unauthorised access, use, or disclosure of your personal information. For example, we store the private information you provide on limited-access computer systems that are located in monitored facilities. Essapura uses the industry-standard SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, authentication to ensure the privacy and protection of our website's online transactions.

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